Site / Project Safety Professional Staffing

We provide qualified and experienced construction safety professionals at a very reasonable cost. Our Safety Professionals are “Field Oriented” so they know how to monitor safety on your project to ensure OSHA requirements are met in a timely manner. Our Safety Professionals understand that Safety, Quality and Productivity are all equal partners on any project, and they practice “Safety with Common Sense”.


Total Compliance Packages

Total Compliance Packages include any combination of services listed. From site & company specific written safety programs to safety training to site safety professional staffing and safety administrative programs and more. We evaluate your existing safety programs and advise and help manage to ensure  your have a true PROACTIVE Safety Program, that is both cost effective and efficient.


Customized Written Safety Programs

We produce a "Plain Language" comprehensive company Safety and Health Program Manual tailored to your business. Your manual also includes a section with forms that are ready to copy and use. UPDATES:  As OSHA regulations and “Best Practices” change, you receive updated chapters and forms. Contractors that have properly written Safety & Health Program manuals included with their bid packages, and have won bids by demonstrating their commitment to safety... even though they were not the “low bidder”.


Site Specific Safety Manuals

Every company has its own special situations. We assist you by writing a site-company-specific safety manual, to include all federal, state, local and client safety requirements. This assists you because all contractors coming on your site are required to meet the same safety requirements. It removes the confusion that sometimes exists with different contractors using different safety programs. It promotes harmony on the job site.


Comprehensive Safety Audits & Reports

Are your prepared for an OSHA inspection? Our Safety Professionals perform a Comprehensive Safety Audit of your programs and facilities. The confidential reports will provide you not only with recommendations for corrective actions, but also tells you what parts of your current programs are effective. This gives you a chance to correct the discrepancies at a programmed pace instead of trying to fix things after and OSHA inspection.


Safety & First Aid Training

We use a variety of safety training methods to get the “Safety Message” to your personnel. Methods include lectures, PowerPoint presentations, videos, testing and practical hands-on demonstrations. Our goal is to “grab” your workers’ attention to make the information personally important. Our instructors continuously receive praise from clients for the quality of the safety training. Comments typically include “...entertaining, yet informative… The best safety classes we have ever had… The first non-boring safety training I have ever received". Learn more about our Training services.


The Outsourcing Advantage

For small to moderate sized businesses, outsourcing makes sense. You know you need a proactive safety program, but cannot afford a full-time safety professional on staff. When you hire us, we will:

  • Develop an effective Safety Program

  • Train your supervisory personnel

  • Set up a documentation paper trail

  • Assist in audits & corrections

  • Track your safety administrative needs

  • 24/7 availability to answer your safety questions


Safety Maintenance Programs

This service provides on-site inspections and documentation of your equipment and work areas by our qualified personnel. It includes:

  • A cost effective safety equipment program

  • Safety harness inspections

  • An assured equipment grounding program

  • Ladder & scaffold equipment inspections

  • Equipment documentation

  • Noise & illumination surveys